Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pay per download sites

There are websites on the net that actually pay when people download files from their servers. Let me explain how:

1. Register for free on a file sharing website like Uploading.com, megaupload.com etc.
2. Once you have registered with the file sharing website, apply for free for an affiliate account on the same websites. The affiliate account will enable you to get paid.
3. Open you account on the file sharing website and upload some of your favorite files that you know people will like to download.
4. After uploading your files, find on the internet the many file sharing and download forums. Some of the download forums that i like using are projectw.org, filesharingz.com etc There are so many.
5. The reason for finding the downloads and file sharing forums is to advertise your files on the file sharing websites. Place your files on the forums and people will see what you have to offer and will download your files.
6. When people download your files, you get paid.

Different file hosting or file sharing websites have different payment plans e.g megaupload will pay $10 for 1000 downloads. This rate changes depending on the region the download was made from.

You do not  pay anything to earn money using this method but some websites have premium and gold memberships that ask for money. Personally i dont use the premium or gold memberships and still earn using this method. I use the websites below for my file sharing and they haven't let me down a bit.

Click to register on uploading.com

Join Uploading.com today!

Click to register on hotfile.com

Click to register on filesonic.com

Upgrade to a FileSonic Premium account and download at incredible speed!

I know there could be more out there, but the ones i have worked with the ones i have mentioned and actually got paid.